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Art is all about expressions. Be it visual or verbal, we express the beauty of Art through the form of drawing, painting or sculpting. Why is it important to express ourselves? Our thoughts, ideas, dreams and visions form our hopes and ambitions. Learning to express ourselves is a skill that will allows us to stand out and bring us to a greater height. Moving alongside with MOE 21st need to ensure our children are well equip with these competencies, to adapt and readily to take on challenges.
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We have known for years the benefits of Art. It is time we learn to embrace its goodness. Arts Education enables every child to be visually literate and learn to appreciate the arts in various points of view. With this in mind, TOL ArtVenture Pte Ltd has meticulously designed art programmes with schools to impart knowledge and skills and we also aim to enhance values that will help shape and refine one’s character.
Aims of Art Education

Our progressive AMIS, NAC and PAL art programme consists of various art forms from drawing and painting to sculpting which will be taught in different terms in the school calendar. This program comprises the application of the foundation skill and techniques. The content of the program ranges from a 2D to 3D project, covering the in-depth and breadth of drawing, coloring and painting skills with exposure to different mediums from charcoal, oil pastel, soft pastel, acrylic, water color painting, print making, batik painting, chinese painting, mixed media, sculpture and ceramics according to the school’s preference and needs.
Overview of our Art Programmes (AMIS, NAC and PAL Programmes)

TOL ArtVenture’s NAC Programmes - [Lower Primary Programmes from P1 – P3]
 NAC Programme ID: [AEP 14523]

 3D Animals in Action! (Mixed Media Sculpture)
 Animals in Action! (3D Mixed Media Sculpture) based on Theme: Mammals
 NAC Programme ID: [AEP 14553]

 Appreciating Nature with 2D Relief
 Appreciating Nature With 2D Relief based on theme: Flora and Fauna
 NAC Programme ID: [AEP 14556]

 Innovation of Traditional Heritage (Mixed Media Batik Painting)
 NAC Programme ID: [AEP 14550]

 Exploring 3D Sculptures from Around the World (Paper Mache)
 NAC Programme ID: [AEP 14571]

 Shapes in Motion (Adobe After Effects)
 NAC Programme ID: [AEP 14942]
 (under ARTarama Pte Ltd – affiliated to TOL ArtVenture Pte Ltd)

 Innovative Approaches to Printmaking
 NAC Programme ID: [AEP 14925]
 (under ARTarama Pte Ltd – affiliated to TOL ArtVenture Pte Ltd)

 Creative Mural
TOL ArtVenture’s NAC Programmes - [Upper Primary Programmes from P4 – P6]