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Students will be engage in learning to create a 3D mixed media sculpture. In alignment together with
NAC’s mission which is to develop students’ potential for creativity and expression, they will be
expose to various mediums to ensure that they will be able to explore and experiment. The theme
“Mammals”, will be integrated into the progressive lesson they will be able to relate their ideas to a sculpture.
Using various mediums, students are able to explore and expose themselves to creating 3D sculptures.
Through this activity, students will develop a sense of agency and will be able to appreciate recycling
materials which are available to them every day. Furthermore, this activity will ignite their critical thinking skills as well as their problem solving skills.
Outline of Programme:

Students will be encouraged

• To articulate using basic art vocabulary (elements of art) during their art appreciation.

• To develop a sense of agency in their own artmaking

• To cultivate the spirit of innovation and experimentation.

• To apply the elements of arts and the design principals upon creation.

• To talk about the art form to their friends through cooperative learning.

Programme Outline:

Student will

• explore and experiment different ways to use mediums to create a sculpture.

• be able to develop deeper knowledge of the artform.

• be able to identify and differentiate visual qualities.

• be able to share their imagination, thoughts and feelings through art making.
The students will be guided to do a finished 3D mixed media sculpture which will be able to enhance
and beautify the school campus.
Programme Highlight:
Proposed Sessions: 5 hours

Cost per student per hour: $7

Cost of Programme: $35 (inclusive of materials)
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